Welcome to Fuelled Up Garage! We are a car dealership and workshop that is dedicated to providing top-notch service to our valued clients.

As a small team, we prioritise customer satisfaction above all else. We believe in building strong relationships with our customers and going the extra mile to meet their needs. Our mission is to ensure that each client receives personalised attention and finds the perfect car to suit their preferences and lifestyle.

At our dealership, we specialise in commercial and 4x4 vehicles and are passionate about all things related to four wheel driving, towing and travelling. Whether you are an off-road enthusiast or simply looking for a reliable vehicle that can handle any terrain, we have got you covered. Our wide selection of 4x4’s cater to a variety of tastes and budgets.

We understand that purchasing a car is a significant investment, and that's why we are committed to providing transparent and reliable service. Our team of knowledgeable professionals is here to guide you through the entire process, from selecting the right car to securing the best financing options. We aim to make your car-buying experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

In addition to our excellent customer service, we also offer a range of value-added services to enhance your ownership experience. From comprehensive maintenance and servicing to genuine parts and accessories, we strive to be your one-stop destination for all your automotive needs.

At Fuelled Up Garage, we understand the importance of a fair assessment and offer when it comes to trading in your car. With our streamlined process and commitment to transparency, we ensure that you receive the best possible value for your vehicle.

We invite you to explore further and discover how we can assist you in finding the perfect car that matches your needs and desires. We look forward to meeting you and helping you embark on your next adventure on the road less travelled.